Barry Loach

Mrs. Loach

She has dreams of having one of her children become an R.C. clergy, and never sees that dream fulfilled.


Eldest Loach Boy

He is killed early on in the Brazilian O.N.A.N./U.N. joint action during the Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad.


Next Oldest Loach Boy

He dies a few weeks after the Eldest Loach Boy (See Above) from food poisoning from eating tainted blackfin grouper.


Therese Loach

She ends up in Atlantic City, New Jersey as one of the women who carry around a Round # poster between professional wrestling matches.


One Loach Child

She/He marries right out of high school.


Another Loach Child

She/He has a burning desire to only play the cymbals with a philharmonic.


Second to Last Loach Child

He shows the most promise of fulfilling their mother’s (See Above), until he suffers a spiritual downfall at age 25.