Michael Mathew Pemulis

Matty Pemulis

“Mad Matty Pemulis”. He is Pemulis’s older brother. He is a 23 year old prostitute who runs in the same circle as Poor Tony Krause, and he actually witnesses Poor Tony stealing Kate Gompert‘s purse from his seat in the Man 0’ War Grille restaurant. Matty is sexually molested by his father (See Below) at age ten, and his molestation is not repressed or forgotten by Matty at all. His father is always drunk when he does it, and he yells at Matty for being scared because he shouldn’t be scared of his father showing him love. He feels his being scared fuels his father into molesting him, although he later realizes that his father is going to do it regardless of how Matty reacts or feels. Matty recalls being thankful that the sexual molestation isn’t as bas as it can be because his father at least uses Vaseline. Matty witnesses his father’s death when he chokes on his own blood, and he always toasts his father whenever he takes a first drink of liquor.


Michael and Matty Pemulis’s Father

“Da”. He is an Irishman who comes over on a boat from Louth in Lenster in 1989 when Matty (See Above) is around four. He works on the Southie docks, coiling lengths of rope, and dies from choking on his own blood due to pancreatic problems when Matty is seventeen. He sexually molests Matty.


Michael and Matty Pemulis’s Mother

“Mum”. She is Michael and Matty’s (See Above) mother.