The Guy Who Didn’t Even Use His First Name

He is from Boston, Massachusetts and is the founder of Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House, which is founded during the Year of the Whopper. He is an ex-con alcoholic who attends Alcoholics Anonymous. He dies in the Year of the Yushityu 2007 Mimetic-Resolution-Cartridge-View-Motherboard-Easy-To-Install Upgrade for Infernatron/InterLace TP Systems For Home, Office Or Mobile at age 68 of a cerebral hemorrhage.


Bill W.

He is the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.


“The Crocodiles”

They are the old-timer White Flaggers (the Alcoholics Anonymous group of which Ennet House residents are a part) who never miss a Commitment (which is when members of different A.A. groups travel to other A.A. group meetings to speak about their alcohol experiences). They believe that they are in a different spiritual place than the newcomers of A.A. and that they shouldn’t be able to Identify (relate) to them.



He is an alcoholic with a bad temper whose sister and mother prevent him from seeing his own son (who lives with them because Mikey is an alcoholic with a bad temper). He verbally attacks his sister and mother one time and they tell him to leave, and then he later returns and apologizes but they don’t accept his apology. He talks to a counselor about all of this, and he tells the counselor that Vinnie Nucci is ready to gong him and that he wants to hear from Tommy E.


Freeway Access Group Speaker

He is a member of the Freeway Access Group from Mattapan, and is also a member of Cocaine Anonymous. He is a tall, yellowish colored man with a weightlifter’s build who has has a wife, a daughter, Shantel, and another child on the way. He tells them about how he comes home one day (after going on a cocaine binge with the grocery money) to find his family gone, and he realizes how much he is affecting them and he checks himself into the Shattuck Shelter. During his speech, Joelle van Dyne promises herself that she is going to remain clean regardless of whether Don Gately accepts her for showing him her face.


Sixteen-Year-Old Girl

She is one of the speakers at the White Flag Group meeting. She is an adopted, dope addicted stripper at the Naked I Club. Her father incestuously molests her catatonic sister (who is biologically related to the father and the mother, though the mother is unaware of the molestations), and the mother makes the sixteen-year-old take the catatonic sister out with her as if she isn’t catatonic. The sixteen-year-old witnesses the molestations, but does not tell the mother out of fear of creating a string of Denial within the mother and causing the father to molest her (the sixteen-year-old) instead. She tells the others at the meeting that being forced to schlep her catatonic sister around with her is the reason she becomes a stripper and resorts to drugs.


Woman With No Eyelashes

She is one of the speakers at the White Flag Group meeting. She is a round, pink cocaine addict and alcoholic who gets pregnant at 20 and gives birth to a stillborn in a welfare hotel room. She denies the fact that her child is dead and instead carries it around in a blanket that eventually gets stuck to her and starts to wreak. Witnesses to her denial call D.S.S and they take the remains of the baby away from her and admit her into the psychotic ward at Metropolitan State Hospital in Waltham, Massachusetts. However, once discharged, she drinks away her self-hatred and denial-deferred guilt until she decides to call and join Alcoholics Anonymous.


Commitment Speaker From Advanced Basics Group of Concord

He is a Commitment speaker from the Advanced Basics Group of Concord, and is speaking at the White Flag Group meeting.


John L.

He is another Commitment speaker from the Advanced Basics Group speaking at the White Flag Group meeting.



She/He is another another Advanced Basics Group Commitment speaker speaking at the White Flag Group meeting.



She is a longtime member of the White Flag Group who once tries to commit suicide in B.S. ’81 but is unsuccessful. The unsuccessful suicide attempt turns her rabidly Christian.


A Speaker at the White Flag Group Meeting

He is a man who hides under his desk at work and hits the legs of the desk with a hammer, telling everybody who needs him to go away and that he is busy repairing something.


Better Late Than Never Group Veteran

He is a member of the Better Late Than Never Group (one of the many Boston A.A. Groups) with black hair and the word ‘Pussy’ tattooed on his forearm, though he carries it as if it’s not even there.


Bernard (Plasmatron-7)

He is discharged from Ennet House after drinking nine bottles of NyQuil. Don Gately takes his spot in the 3-Man room.


Tommy S./F.

He is a member of both A.A. and U.H.I.D., much like Joelle van Dyne.


Girl from the Young People’s Group

She is a member of the Young People’s Group, and is at the White Flag Group meeting.


Tamara N.

She is one of the members of the White Flag Group.


Acne’d Boy

He is at the White Flag Group meeting.


Old Nurse in Building #4

She is an old woman who always screams for Help. During the Nucks and Lenz fiasco (See Partiers/Nucks) she screams for help, but she screams so often that nobody believes her screams even though she’s finally screaming for a good reason.


Girl Who Keeps Her Eyes Closed, Hoping To No Longer Be Blind When She Opens Them, But Is So Afraid Of Being Blind That She Doesn’t Ever Open Them 

She is a blind woman who lives in the Shed (building #5 in the complex with Ennet House, called the Shed because the patients are catatonic and are more-or-less stored in the facility) who sits with her eyes closed, hoping that if she ever is to open them, she will no longer be blind, though the fear of being blind keeps her from opening her eyes or doing anything. Her entire existence is based upon keeping the hope that she may not be blind alive.


Image Source: https://i.vimeocdn.com/portrait/3870161_300x300.jpg