Sixteen-Year-Old Girl

Sixteen-Year-Old Girl’s Father

He is the adopted father of the sixteen-year-old, and is the biological father to a catatonic girl whom he molests. During the molestations, he forces the catatonic daughter to wear a Raquel Welch mask over her face, though one night the mask slips off and the sixteen-year-old sees the face of her sister (See Below) and is absolutely mortified.


Sixteen-Year-Old Girl’s Mother

She is the adopted mother of the sixteen-year-old, and is the biological mother to a catatonic girl (See Below) whom she treats as if she isn’t catatonic and forces the sixteen-year-old to schlep around with her wherever she goes. She is a Christian, and is blissfully unaware of her husband’s molesting of their biological, catatonic daughter.


Sixteen-Year-Old Girl’s Catatonic Sister

She is the adopted sister of the sixteen-year-old who is repeatedly molested by her biological father (See Above) and is forced to travel around with her sister wherever she goes.