Joelle van Dyne

“Madame Psychosis”, “P.G.O.A.T. (Prettiest Girl Of All Time)”, “Pokie”. Joelle, under the pseudonym Madame Psychosis (also another name for DMZ, synthesized from fitviavi which is a mold that grows on other mold), hosts a radio show at M.I.T., W.Y.Y.Y. The show airs at midnight and does not necessarily have a theme, although she often discusses film and film cartridges. In the studio, she remains shielded by a screen of cream chiffon, and it is later revealed that she (Joelle) is a member of U.H.I.D. (Union of the Hideously and Improbably Deformed, founded in London in BS 1940 by the wife of a junior member of the House of Commons), a group of deformed people who accept that they are deformed and no longer wish to hide that they are deformed so they wear a veil over their face to signify that they are deformed and no longer wish to be in hiding. Mario Incandenza is an avid listener to the show. Joelle is also a cocaine addict, something she begins five years before she meets James Incandenza and becomes his go-to actress (and, later, the star of the infamous film, Infinite Jest), and she claims she is in love with it as much as someone can be in love with something and still live. Joelle’s relationship with James is oft-speculated. Avril Incandenza believes James and Joelle are intimately linked throughout their time filming together, though Orin Incandenza knows they are nothing but professional in their relationship (although Joelle is willed a healthy amount of money once James dies). She meets and becomes the 26 month lover of Orin whilst at Boston University as a baton twirler. When Orin first sees her, he names her the Prettiest Girl Of All Time (P.G.O.A.T.), and she is the reason he switches from tennis to football. She is eventually admitted into Ennet House where she meets Don Gately and tells him that she wears a veil because she is too beautiful, something that causes men to become absolutely and utterly obsessed with her (although it is later revealed that she’s wearing the veil to mask the burns on her face given to her by her mother (through more-or-less an accident). This accident is rumored to be the reason Orin and Joelle split up, and why Orin goes woman-crazy). Joelle’s real name is Lucille Duquette, though it is never revealed why she changes her name. Patricia Montesian treats Joelle particularly well at Ennet House.


Randy Lenz

He is perhaps one of the most sadistic residents at Ennet House, whose dark of way of dealing with the Rage and Powerlessness that comes with sobriety is to hitch a ride to the A.A. meetings, and then walk back, completely disguised in a white wig, and kill animals (rats, then cats, then dogs). After every kill, Lenz whispers “There”. As time passes, his killings become more callous and calculated. He upgrades from simple killings to luring cats into trash bags with tuna and watching them thrash and struggle and suffocate in the bags. Eventually even that isn’t enough to bring him resolve, so he takes the bags with the suffocating cats and swings them against objects to feel more involved in the process of their deaths. There is also an incident of him lighting a cat on fire, which doesn’t go over too well. He then decides to try killing the cats in their owner’s yards with poisoned tuna and anchovies to add to the adrenal excitement, which eventually leads him to killing dogs with a Browning X444 blade infused cornflake coated meatloaf (the meatloaf stolen from the fridge of Ennet House and prepared by Don Gately). As with everything else, this isn’t enough to satisfy his desires and he then resorts to slicing the dog’s necks (See Partiers/Nucks). Bruce Green (See Below) eventually asks Lenz if he can join him on his nightly walks back to Ennet House, and Lenz agrees only to regret agreeing because it means he can no longer kills animals at his leisure. This builds an enormous amount of psychological pressure in Lenz as he wants Green to stop walking with him but also actually enjoys Green’s ear and listening abilities and genuinely doesn’t want him entirely gone. Lenz knows that telling Green to stop walking with him probably won’t faze Green, yet it’s deeply affecting Lenz and while he knows how little it will probably affect Green he can’t stop worrying about it, and is thus feeding into the Powerlessness feeling even further than before. On these walks, Lenz tells Green about his abusive stepfather and obese Mother. Lenz is also a cocaine addict, and he carries his cocaine around with him in a William James Psychology book. Despite Ennet House being a half-way house for recovering addicts, Lenz uses cocaine while staying there in the forbidden #7 building on the complex. He even learns how to rig his urine tests so that they come out clean or distorted. He has a tattoo of the name “Pamela”, despite having no recollection of getting the tattoo or of a Pamela, and he’s nicknamed his penis the Frightful Hog because it is three shades darker than his skin tone and it is short and fat, something he calls the Polish curse. After the incident with the Partiers/Nucks, Lenz is never seen by the Ennet House residents again. He is eventually captured by the A.F.R. (See Rémy Marathe) and subject to M. Broullîme‘s Entertainment experiments (along with Poor Tony Krause).


Bruce Green

He is a resident at Ennet House with a good ear. In eighth grade he falls in love with Mildred Bonk, and by tenth grade she has transformed from a beautiful vixen into a Marlboro smoking, gel-haired beer-drinker—he adopts the same attitude (including getting a Mildred Bonk tattoo) so that by graduation they have a child, Harriet Bonk-Green, and live in a tiny house trailer with a man named Tommy Doocey. During that time, Mildred stays home and gets high while Green works at Leisure Time Ice. However, that living arrangement isn’t overly pleasant (See Tommy Doocey), and the three eventually leave for Pine Street until a man in a hat offers Mildred and Harriet a place to stay for free in New Jersey, leaving Green behind. Green then admits himself into Ennet House and eventually joins Randy Lenz (See Above) on his late night walks where he provides a solid shoulder and ear for Lenz. On the walk during which Lenz kills a Nuck’s dog (See Partiers/Nucks), Green loses track of Lenz and gets caught up in his own thoughts about how his parents died, something he has repressed since toddlerhood (See Mr. Green). He stumbles upon a neighborhood filled with people who act how he and Mildred used to act: Partying, drinking every night, doing Bing and lines off each other, etc. He remembers how he and Mildred used to crash college parties, one of them being a beach-themed party during which Green accidentally shits himself because he gets entirely too wasted. He has to bury his underwear in the pile of sand in the living room and then wear a grass skirt the rest of the night to conceal himself. He eventually leaves the party unannounced, abandoning the then seven months pregnant Mildred at the party. For three days after the incident he sits on the crusty couch of their home unable to say anything intelligible and drinking Southern Comfort. Green’s counselor at Ennet House is Calvin Thrust, who notices how disassociated Green is and tries daily to piss him off to illicit a reaction.


Kate Gompert

She is a prostitute who has been hospitalized four times in three years with unipolar, clinical depression, and is a semi-new resident at Ennet House for her addiction to marijuana (which she calls Bob Hope). She isn’t a self-pitying depressive, she just wants to die, and she has a multitude of anxieties contributing to the depression (such as her obsession with wondering if people know if she’s high). When she stops using Bob Hope, the feeling comes inside her and it doesn’t go away, and all she wants is for it to go away and that she’d do anything to make it leave. She describes the process of detoxing from Bob Hope as anhedonic, where things that once meant something and used to have attachment no longer mean anything and can be unattached, as if something that was once full has been hollowed out. She’s labeled this depression as “It”, and finds “It” impossible to describe to another person because “It” renders her completely incapable of empathizing with other people because the pain she feels is all-consuming and unsolvable. Suicide, in this case, is committed not out of hopelessness but out of not wanting to be trapped. Death is seen as a slightly better yet still absolutely terrifying option. She doesn’t want to hurt herself, she wants to die. There’s a difference. While out walking with Ruth van Cleve (See Below), Kate is hit in the head by Poor Tony Krause, who then steals her purse and drags Kate along with it until her head connects with a metal pole. When she comes to, Rémy Marathe finds her (who is in the area about to make a phone call to Hugh/Helen Steeply about the cartridges he finds in Patricia Montesian‘s office (thanks to Clenette Henderson (See Below)) and about finding Joelle van Dyne (See Above) at Ennet House (whom they are searching for in order to question about the whereabouts of the Entertainment)) and gets her drunk in the nearby bar, and he tells her how much she reminds him of his dying wife (See Gertraude Marathe). Marathe tells Kate all about his wife’s medical condition and about how they fell in love. Kate’s counselor at Ennet House is Danielle Steenbok.


Geoffrey Day

He is a Brown University graduate and a resident of Ennet House who harasses the other residents and openly questions and mocks Alcoholics Anonymous. He tells the others that he’s resorted to living life in the care of clichés. Day and Don Gately have an argument about A.A., and Day wonders why everyone doesn’t have to attend A.A. (regardless of whether they are an alcoholic) because those who can admit they have a problem (those who are members of A.A.) need less help than those who can’t admit they have a problem (those who are not members of A.A.). Day also believes that he awoke a dark, shapeless shape when he was younger by playing the violin in his bedroom with a fan blowing out the window. He thinks the sounds of the strings on the violin and the whirring of the fan created the shapeless shape in his mind, and the last time he’s seen the shapeless shape was during his sophomore year at Brown. Day, because of this shapeless shape, now understands what Hell is: Not a place, but the associated feelings. He understands why people kill themselves over having that feeling for any extended amount of time. Gately notes that Day will be a good teacher of patience for Gately as a staff member.


Eldred K. Ewell Jr.

“Tiny Ewell”. He is an elf-sized lawyer with an alcohol addiction who becomes obsessed with other people’s tattoos once his alcohol is taken away. Ewell believes there are three types of tattoo owners: 1) The ones who show off their tattoos with pride (even if they aren’t actually proud of them), 2) The ones who show off their tattoos with stoic regret, and 3) Bikers, or Scooter Puppies as they refer to themselves, the ones who show off their tattoos with complete absence of affect, like they are showing off a thumb. Ewell visits with Don Gately while he’s recovering in the hospital after being shot while shielding (forcedly) Randy Lenz from a bullet, and tells Gately of a time in third grade when he becomes the leader of a group of dumb Irish kids and plots to steal money from adults by pretending to be raising money for a youth hockey team that doesn’t exist. This is when Ewell discovers that he is talented with rhetoric, and it presents him a dark power that he lets control him. He ends up taking the money they steal and spending it all for himself, and when the kids find out, they beat him up. Ewell fakes illness to avoid school and even resorts to eating soap so he’ll vomit. Then one day he steals $100 from his father’s shoebox to cover the money he’s spent from the stolen money the group raised, and he no longer has to pretend to be sick. He says he felt guilt no third grader should have to feel. He tells Gately that he’s repressed all of this until the night Gately was shot, and that he’d dreamed all of it up vividly and awoke with his goatee shaved and his hair parted down the middle with a bar of soap in his hands. Ewell doesn’t want to remember all of these things, and thinks some things are better left submerged.


Ken Erdedy

He is an anxious marijuana addict who claims that every time he smokes is the “last time”, thus telling whichever dealer he’s working with to never let him buy from them again and thus forcing him to find a different dealer every time he wishes to smoke. He claims he is going to stop smoking by smoking so much in one sitting that he’ll become so disgusted by the thought of smoking that he’ll never want to do it again. When he does this, he has to call the Viney and Veals Advertising company at which he is an account executive and tell them that someone is going to need to take his phone calls for a few days because he will be absolutely unavailable. Once admitted at Ennet House, Erdedy is taken by Johnette Foltz to a Narcotics Anonymous Beginners Discussion Meeting to prove to him that he’s not alone in his addiction. It is at that meeting that Erdedy meets Roy Tony, who gets angry at Erdedy’s non-compliance with the mandatory end-of-meeting-hug session.


Dwayne R. Glynn

“Doony Glynn”. He is a thin haired and stubbly drug addict who suffers an injury on the job as a bricklayer as he attempts to transport bricks from the roof of a building to the ground using a barrel during the Year of the Dairy Products From the American Heartland. He sends a letter detailing the incident to someone with the username murrayf, who then sends the letter to people with the usernames powellg, sanchezm, and parryk. The incident causes him to have permanently crossed eyes. Later, whilst in Ennet House, Glynn recalls when he used “The Madame” (DMZ) drug in BS 1989 and how the sky looked like a dome and the sun looked like a grid, with the DOW ticking down one side and the NIKEI Index on the other, and when he’d checked to see if the time was correct, it was. He also suffers from diverticulitis, and he has a tattoo near his Adam’s apple with instructions on how to slice and preserve his head.


Clenette Henderson

She is the black half-sister of Wardine. Clenette’s Mother is the reason Roy Tony killed Columbus Epps. Clenette is one of the Ennet House residents who work as a custodial aid at Enfield Tennis Academy, and she is there when Hal Incandenza, Michael Pemulis, Trevor Axford, and Ann Kittenplan are ushered into Charles Tavis‘s office for punishment for the Eschaton fiasco. She also brings back a ton of cartridges from E.T.A. for the Ennet House residents to watch, though the staff has to watch them all first and approve of their contents and the residents get bored of having to wait to see the cartridges. She becomes good friends with Yolanda Willis, (See Below) and they both get put under House Arrest after the ordeal with Randy Lenz and the Nucks (See Partiers/Nucks).


Ruth van Cleve

She is the new, Court-Ordered female resident at Ennet House from Braintree on the South Shore. She is addicted to Ice (combustible methedrine), and looks like her hair grows her head instead of the other way around. She is put in Ennet House after her newborn baby is found in a Massachusetts alley. The baby is currently in the hospital weening off its in-utero addictions. Kate Gompert (See Above) finds Ruth insufferable. Ruth is with Kate when Kate has her purse stolen by Poor Tony Krause.


Yolanda Willis

She has Randy Lenz (See Above) as her sponsor, and she claims to Don Gately that Lenz made her worship his penis as her Higher Being. She becomes good friends with Clenette Henderson (See Above), and they both get put under House Arrest after the ordeal with Randy Lenz and the Nucks (See Partiers/Nucks).


Gavin Diehl

He is a resident at Ennet House who has a cannabis tattoo on his inner wrist that matches with Tingly’s (See Below) cannabis tattoo, even though the two have never met prior to entering Ennet House. McDade (See Below) and Diehl visit with Don Gately while he’s in the hospital, and they inform him that they think Randy Lenz (See Above) took the .44 gun that shot Gately with him when he fled the scene, and that he might have been spotted by Ken Erdedy (See Above) or Burt Smith (See Below) drunk in Kenmore Square. They also tell Gately that Unit #3 of the Ennet House complex is rumored to be turned into an agoraphobia unit, and that they are planning to make invitations to welcome the agoraphobes into the neighborhood—an example of the ironic and comedic pranks that McDade and Diehl often pull together.


Wade McDade

He is a resident at Ennet House with blue and red serpent tattoos down his arms, making it so he has to wear sleeves at work even in the heat. McDade and Diehl (See Above) visit with Don Gately while he’s in the hospital, and they inform him that they think Randy Lenz (See Above) took the .44 gun that shot Gately with him when he fled the scene, and that he might have been spotted by Ken Erdedy (See Above) or Burt Smith (See Below) drunk in Kenmore Square. They also tell Gately that Unit #3 of the Ennet House complex is rumored to be turned into an agoraphobia unit, and that they are planning to make invitations to welcome the agoraphobes into the neighborhood—an example of the ironic and comedic pranks that McDade and Diehl often pull together.



He is a resident at Ennet House who has a cannabis tattoo on his inner wrist that matches with Diehl’s (See Above) cannabis tattoo, even though the two have never met prior to entering Ennet House. He is harassed by Geoffrey Day (See Above) and Nell Gunther (See Below) about the Higher Being aspect incorporated in the 12-Step Recovery process of Alcoholics Anonymous, and generally remains in the linen closet.


Charlotte Treat

She is a resident at Ennet House who has a small green dragon tattoo on her calf and a tattoo on her breast that she doesn’t let Tiny Ewell (See Above) see. She wants to get her G.E.D. and become a dental hygienist who specializes in helping kids get over their fear of anesthesia.


Emil Minty

He is a resident at Ennet House who has a Doris tattoo and a Fuck Nigers tattoo. (See yrstruly).


Alfonso Parias-Carbo

He is a resident at Ennet House who feels powerless being a drug addict.


Nell Gunther

He is a resident at Ennet House who refuses to discuss tattoos with Tiny Ewell (See Above) and participates in the harassing of other residents with Geoffrey Day (See Above).


Chandler Foss

He is a Senior resident at Ennet House who has a Mary tattoo. He eventually graduates out of the halfway house and is replaced by Dave K. (See Below).


David Krone

He is a new resident at Ennet House who replaces Chandler Foss. He is an upscale guy with a wife and kids and a picket house who messed up his spine during drunken limbo and now scuttles around like a crab.


Hester Thrale 

She is a resident at Ennet House who has a detailed tattoo of earth on her stomach which cost Tiny Ewell (See Above) two weeks of chores to see.


Jennifer Belbin 

She is a resident at Ennet House who has a tattoo of four black teardrops under her eye. From a distance, it appears like she has flies on her face.


Didi Neaves

She is a resident at Ennet House who has a tattered, screaming skull tattoo on her abdomen, which, because of her dark skin, is just a tattered white outline. She works at Enfield Tennis Academy as a kitchen staff aid.



He is a resident at Ennet House who has lots of regrettable tattoos. He is the former roommate of Ken Erdedy, Geoffrey Day, Randy Lenz, and Tiny Ewell (See Above) in the five person room at Ennet House.


Burt F. Smith

He is a resident at Ennet House and a former D.M.V. Driver’s License Examiner. He is old-looking, and no longer has hands or feet after getting beat up and left in the cold one Christmas Eve. He is making his 50th stab at sobriety, and was once a devout RC.


Amy J.

She is a Xanax addicted new resident at Ennet House who hooks. She wants to be coddled and seen as a victim, and gets kicked out by Don Gately after not returning for Curfew.


Morris Hanley

He is a resident at Ennet House.


April Cortelyu

She is a new resident at Ennet House.


Two Cult Girls

They are in the waiting room of Ennet House, discussing what it’s like to be in a cult while Rémy Marathe waits to be admitted to find Joelle van Dyne (See Above).



He is in the waiting room of Ennet House with Rémy Marathe while Marathe waits to be admitted t find Joelle van Dyne (See Above), and he tells Marathe that they (he and Marathe) are real people and that the world around them is fake and filled with projections and made to fool the real people into thinking that what’s happening is also real, though it’s really not.


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