Eldred K. Ewell Jr.

Eldred Ewell’s Wife

She is the wife of Ewell. She files a restraining order on Ewell and she only communicates to him by pushing letters through the mail slot at him. She also keeps all of the negative things about Ewell hidden from Ewell’s mother (See Below).


Eldred Ewell’s Mum and Da

They are Ewell’s parents. His father has been dead since 1993, and his mother suffers from arthritis and is living in a rest home. Ewell’s mother doesn’t know about Ewell’s alcohol addiction because Ewell’s wife (See Above) hides it from her.


Eldred Ewell’s Roommate

He is Ewell’s St. Mel’s Hospital Detox Center roommate. He fiddles with the Air Condition while eating a plate of brownies and spills the crumbs.