Joelle van Dyne

Joe Lon van Dyne

“Personal Daddy”. He is Joelle’s father of Shiny Prize, Kentucky, and is a chemist. His nickname for Joelle is”Pokie”. He and Joelle are closer than she and her mother, and he seems to actually follow Joelle around the house, his presence never leaving even after he is physically gone. On the day of the burn accident (See Joelle’s Mother, Below), Joe reveals that he mentally sees and treats Joelle as a prepubescent child because otherwise he would be too overwhelmingly attracted to her and attempt to be with her sexually. It is revealed that his real name is Al or Earl Duquette.


Joelle’s Mother

She is the mother of Joelle. Joelle always thinks her mother doesn’t like her very much, hence why she and her father have a stronger and more personal relationship. Joelle claims her mother died from worm-farming, however, it is later revealed that she actually commits suicide on Thanksgiving during the Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad, the day of the burn accident, after Joelle’s father (See Above) reveals his attraction to Joelle. Joelle’s Mother admits that she and Joe haven’t been considered married since Joelle hit puberty, and that her own father (a preacher) had molested her and her sister as children, hence why she married early at 16, only to find out that she married into the very thing she was trying to escape. Joelle’s Mother  splashes herself with acid from Joe’s chem-lab, and then throws the acid at Joe but he and Orin Incandenza both duck and it hits Joelle in the face, permanently damaging her skin. Then, her mother gets custody of Joelle because nobody presses any charges, and her mother sticks her arms, one at a time, into the garbage disposal and kills herself.


Joelle’s Stepmother

She is Joelle’s stepmother, and is currently in the Locked Ward.


Uncle Bud

He is one of Joelle’s uncles.


Uncle T.S.

He is Joelle’s father’s (See Above) uncle who tells her that her father thinks the world of his mother.


W.Y.Y.Y. Student Engineer

W.Y.Y.Y. is the radio station under which Madame Psychosis’s talk show is owned and operated. The W.Y.Y.Y. Student Engineer works at the radio station and has bad lungs and occluded pores. He is a Pre-Doctoral Graduate student. On the day of the pond draining, the W.Y.Y.Y. Student Engineer is sunbathing on the hill near the pond, and is eventually scooped up by the A.F.R. (See Rémy Marathe) in plain sight; everybody around him simply watches as he is kidnapped.


Molly Notkin

She is a friend of Joelle’s who has one tormented love in her life, a GW Pabst scholar at NYU, whom she visits occasionally. While retrieving old Madame Psychosis tapes from the radio station for Joelle’s personal listening use at Ennet House, Molly informs the Student Engineer (See Above) of Madame Psychosis’s need for a 5-day rehab. She also confesses to Rodney Tine (under interrogation) all she knows about Joelle’s relationships with James Incandenza, Orin Incandenza, and her (Joelle’s) family (See Above).


Miss Diagnosis

She is the fill-in radio host for Madame Psychosis while she is in recovery at Ennet House, though nobody likes her as much as Madame Psychosis. Mario, in particular, struggles with the change of hosts on the radio show.


Sharing and Caring Commitment Guy

He is the Chair of the Sudbury Half-Measures Avail Us Nothing Group whom Joelle seems to have an interest. He used to be a nuclear auditor for the Defense industry, and seems fatherly and broken.



Joelle tells Don Gately of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting he misses due to being in the hospital where a 19 year old Kentuckian member of the St. Columbkillers group named Wayne (who looks about 40) talks about how he woke up one day in a disconnected drainage pipe after a decade of not remembering an entire decade. Wayne has a facial dent that he calls “the Flaw” that is given to him by his drunken father with a hatchet. Once the father dies of drinking, Wayne invites the kids from school to come see his dead body.