W.Y.Y.Y. Student Engineer

Ron Richardson 

“Ronnie (pronounced ‘Won Wichardson’ by narrator)”. He is a Boy Scout troop leader and a petroleum jelly seller in Brooklyn who, while on a radio show called “Those Were the Legends that Formerly Were”, discusses seeing a punter (Orin Incandenza) punt a football beautifully. The show airs right before Madame Psychosis’s talk show.


Four Kids

They all play with a beanbaggy ball in the park where the pond is getting drained. They are near the Student Engineer who is tanning on the hillside.


Three Dozen Men

They all have sun-bronzed skin and look like they have no teeth, and are also on the hillside with the tanning Student Engineer.


Two Skinny Boys

They are skinny and wearing knit-caps, and they come close to the Student Engineer and whisper “smoke” to each other.


A Man In An Ancient NANO Wool Overcoat

He is throwing up to the left of the Student Engineer on the hillside.