Kate Gompert

Kate Gompert’s Father

He is Kate’s father, who abandons Kate and moves to Portland, Oregon with his therapist.


Kate Gompert’s Mother

She is Kate’s mother, whom Kate claims imagines thing.


Ernest Feaster

He is a patient at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Newton two years ago with Kate. He is a man in his fifties, who is also psychotically depressed, whose hobby is building intricate model trains (Lionel Trains Inc). He builds them even through his depressive feelings, and is a devout Christian along with his wife (See Below), who brings him pictures of his model trains in the hospital and stays with him for support. He longs for anhedonia all the time.


Mrs. Ernest Feaster

She is the wife of Ernest Feaster (See Above). She stays with her husband and holds his hand before he goes to sleep every night, and she prays for his recovery. She brings him pictures of trains to remind him of the things that make him happy. The family sends Kate a Christmas card.


Dr. Garton

He is Kate’s doctor.


Bearded Man in an Army Coat

He screams in Kate’s face that he witnessed her getting her purse stolen by Poor Tony Krause.


Brad Anderson

He is the only person Kate’s been sexual with in her life; he says she is a shitty lay.