Donald W. Gately

“Don”, “Bim”, “Bimmy”, “The Bimulator”, “Big Indestructible Moron”. He is a Demerol addicted burglar turned Ennet House resident turned Ennet House live-in staffer. In his youth, Gately’s head is massive (in stature, this is not a metaphor) and he is a promising football player. He is also considered Special Ed, needing particular help in Language Arts. Around age ten or eleven, Gately has to divide his attention between the television and the consciousness of his mother at night, and he eventually decides to drink whatever remains in the bottom of her vodka bottle once she passes out. Soon after, Gately delves into drugs with Trent Kite, and he loses his performance skills in football and drops out of high school during his Sophomore year (directly after his mother suffers a cirrhotic hemorrhage). Gately is soon hired by a guy named Whitey Sorkin, along with another guy named Gene Fackelmann, to be enforcers of Sorkin’s high-end deals and bets (calling them his Twin Towers). Fackelmann is in charge of beat-ups while Gately is in charge of negotiations. The two trust each other with their drug stashes because Fackelmann likes Dilauded and Gately prefers Percocet and Bam-Bams, and later Demerol (although when Gately does shoot up, he often hallucinates that he is a giant baby in a crib in a sandy field). Kite is eventually kicked out of Salem State and he joins their brigade—pairing perfectly with Fackelmann to make their renting-luxury-hotels-with-fake-I.D.s-and-selling-the-belongings-in-the-hotel-for-cash-to-buy-drugs business. Gately soon enlists two lesbian house-cleaning-and-key-copying-and-burglary operatives into his group, and Sorkin hires a guy named Bobby C. Meanwhile, Fackelmann has been slowly conning Sorkin out of money here and there, and his map is soon eliminated (See Gene Fackelmann). Gately and Kite find $22,000 in with Fackelmann’s stuff, and Gately gives his half to Sorkin to make him feel better about being betrayed. Gately thereafter becomes the brains of the operations. During this time, Gately (with Kite) decides to exact his revenge on a Revere ADA with whom he has a history, and he breaks into the ADA’s home and sticks the ADA’s wife‘s toothbrush up his ass and photographs the event. He and Kite also break into the home of Guillaume DuPlessis and accidentally kill him after tying him up and stuffing his mouth without realizing he has a cold and cannot breath through his nose. Whilst at Ennet House (as a resident), Gately realizes how well Alcoholics Anonymous works, though he doesn’t understand how it works as well as it does. Francis Gehaney, a member of “The Crocodiles”, is Gately’s sponsor while he is a resident. He eventually upgrades to live-in staffer at Ennet House, which allows him to use Patricia Montesian’s (See Below) antique ’64 Ford Aventura to run errands, which is the closest thing Gately’s come to having any understanding of a spiritual Higher Being (the third AA step, with which Gately struggles the most). The job becomes nearly soul-sucking to him. He and Joelle van Dyne develop a relationship where they both find each other sexually appealing but neither of them act upon those findings—though she does rush to Gately’s side once he is shot in the shoulder during the Nucks and Randy Lenz fiasco (See Partier/Nucks). While recovering in St. Elizabeth’s hospital, he is visited by many of the residents at Ennet House (who spill their life stories to him because he has no other choice but to listen), he experiences extreme hallucinations (of Joelle, in particular), and he is visited by the wraith of who we are led to believe is James Incandenza (and, later, of Lyle), who tells Gately about his son Hal Incandenza and of their strained relationship (and of the extremes he goes to to attempt mending it).


Patricia Montesian

“Pat”. She is the Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAS) at Ennet House. It is rumored that she had come to Ennet House in a wheelchair, communicating solely through Morse code blinks due to the stroke she’d had during DTs (Delirium Tremors). Once she sobered up, she married a trillionaire with psychotic kids and has been running Ennet House ever since, and miraculously doesn’t require a wheelchair or blinking to communicate. The right side of Pat’s face droops and she has a claw-like arm on her right side, though her body is nice and she has beautiful red hair, and the left side of her face is pretty. She uses her dogs as tools on reading and admitting clients into Ennet House. Mario Incandenza has actually met and talked with Pat a few times during his insomniatic-latenight-walks.


Eugenio Martinez

“Gene M.”, “Gene”. He is Don Gately’s (See Above) counselor while Gately is a resident. He is a Filipino ex-coke addict who lost his left ear to drugs and claims he can only connect to his Higher Power whilst driving. He says Alcoholics Anonymous is like a Betty Crocker Cake Mix: All you have to do is follow the instruction, regardless of whether or not you believe a cake will happen by doing so. He calls addiction The Spider, and he calls giving into the addition Feeding the Spider, and he believes that you have to Starve the Spider in order to truly recover.


Johnette Marie Foltz

She is the current female live-in staffer of Ennet House from South Chelsea, though it is rumored that she may be getting replaced due to lack of availability on her part (See Johnette Foltz’s Fiancé). She has also undergone two of the six procedures necessary to remove her blue and green tiger tattoo. When Hal Incandenza visits Ennet House to inquire about their schedules, Foltz is the one who answers the door.


Calvin Thrust

He is a counselor at Ennet House, and a former NYC porn star. It is rumored that he has a tattoo on his penis: When flaccid, it reads CT; when erect, it reads Calvin Thrust. Currently, he is four years sober and is Bruce Green‘s counselor.


Danielle Steenbok

She is a member of the alumna and the v.c. of Ennet House. She has tattooed eyeliner, which she now has to cover up with actual eyeliner due to the tattoo fading. She is Kate Gompert‘s counselor, and it is rumored that she is a member of the Sex and Love Addicts group.


Maureen N.

She is a counselor at Ennet House. She is the counselor of Charlotte Treat.


Annie Parrot

She is the Assistant Manager of Ennet House.


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