Lucien and Bertraund Antitoi

After the death of their boss, Guillaume DuPlessis, Lucien and Bertraund Antitoi, the Antitoi brothers, are ordered to set up a store front (that they name Antitoi Entertainment) to infest and attack the fiber of the New-New England youth. Lucien is responsible for inventory and order, and he enjoys looking out the shop windows with his beloved broom (that he’s loved and had since adolescence) and finding beauty in the ordinary. Bertraund is the brains behind the operation, and he is responsible for acquisition (which is mainly cartridges). The brothers once sell a lava lamp and an apothecary’s mirror to an older man for eighteen lozenges (that the man claims are 650 mg of a pharmaceutical no longer available that will rock someone’s world) and a waste-bag full of crusty, non-labeled cartridges (which the brothers spend their days reeling through (though most aren’t worth their time and are staticky and fuzzy (although that does not mean they are blank))). The A.F.R. (See Rémy Marathe) eventually ascend upon the brothers, demanding that they reveal the location of the Master Copy of the Entertainment (though they demand all this in French, a language with which Lucien isn’t too familiar), and when Lucien runs to the back room to warn his brother Bertraund about their visitors, he finds Bertraund sitting at the table with a metal rod pierced through his eye. When Lucien is unable to answer the A.F.R. (again, because of the French), they take Lucien’s beloved broom and shove it entirely down his throat until he dies. The Antitoi Brothers are also the leaders of the “Front-Contre-ONANisme”, a plan that involves a group of people wearing auburn wigs, red coats, and spiked heels while hanging around the lobby of Harvard Square’s Sheraton Commander Hotel and waiting to throw foul smelling waste at the face of the Canadian Minister of InterONAN Trade, and then running like mad so that the authorities do not know who to chase.


Poor Tony Krause

“Poor Tony”. He is a homosexual, red boa-wearing transvestite drug addict who enjoys the thrill of publicly thieving purses right off women’s shoulders. He, along with Susan T. Cheese (See Below), once help someone con Dr. Wo, who then sells Poor Tony, yrstruly, and Bobby C. Drano-laced drugs as an act of revenge. However, the only one who does the poisoned drugs is Bobby C., and he dies soon after. After his death, Poor Tony moves in with Lolasister (See Below), Eckwus, and Cheese, and yrstruly moves back in with his mother, and then to a Detox center (See Emil Minty). Poor Tony is relatively black-listed by yrstruly, and he is forced to go into hiding where he eventually withdraws from heroin in the bathroom of the Armenian Foundation Library in Cambridge, Massachusetts (and then eventually withdraws from codeine cough syrup (snagging scrips from Equus Reese (See Below) and filling them at the pharmacy) after drinking heaps of it to slow the process of the heroin withdrawal). He decides to visit Lucien and Bertraund Antitoi (See Above) because they are the only people left who owe him any sort of kindness after he’d previously done business with them through Lolasister. However, it is on the train ride to see them that he suffers from a seizure (which is from the alcohol in the codeine cough syrup) and hallucinates that ants are biting him while his father, in a green gown and rubber gloves, tries to take food from his mouth. In the hallucination, Poor Tony bites his father’s fingers off and his father’s head explodes, though Poor Tony is mostly afraid of his father seeing up his dress. Poor Tony is responsible for Gertraude Marathe‘s current condition after stealing her purse (which contains her external, artificial heart (something that he laters feels badly about)), and he is responsible for the meeting of Kate Gompert and Rémy Marathe after stealing Kate’s purse following the “Front-Contre-ONANisme” event, of which he is a member. He is eventually captured by the A.F.R. (See Rémy Marathe) and subject to M. Broullîme‘s Entertainment experiments (along with Randy Lenz). Through the Brighton Projects, Poor Tony knows Roy Tony.


Equus Reese

“Equus ‘I’ll Stick Anything in Any Part of My Body’ Reese”. He is a member of the “Front-Contre-ONANisme” event. He is the person who gives scrips to Poor Tony Krause (See Above) for codeine cough syrup to help slow the process of heroin withdrawal.


Bridget Tenderhole

She is a member of the “Front-Contre-ONANisme” event. She is a prostitute who is shipped to Brockton under shady circumstances after she and Stokley McNair (See Below) cover for Poor Tony Krause (See Above) for a few weeks so that he can hide.


Stokely McNair

“Darkstar”. He is a member of the “Front-Contre-ONANisme” event. Kely Vinoy claims that McNair’s drugs contain a Virus and that they should not buy them. He, along with Bridget Tenderhole (See Above), cover for Poor Tony Krause for a few weeks so that he can hide, although McNair dies during those few weeks in a Fenway hospice.



She is a member of the “Front-Contre-ONANisme” event. She is a drug addict through whom Poor Tony Krause (See Above) once does business for Lucien and Bertraund Antitoi (See Above). While Poor Tony is in hiding, Lolasister brings him heroin (until she contracts Hepatitis G).


Susan T. Cheese

She is a member of the “Front-Contre-ONANisme” event. She is a drug addict with whom yrstruly has a problem. Cheese and Poor Tony Krause (See Above) once help someone con Dr. Wo, who, in turn, laces the drugs he sells to Poor Tony’s crew and ultimately kills one of them (See Bobby C.).