Lucien and Bertraund Antitoi

Lucien and Bertraund Antitoi’s Mother

She is the mother of Lucien and Bertraund Antitoi. Lucien imagines her face looking down at him in his crib before the A.F.R. (See Rémy Marathe) assassinates him.


Wrinkled Long-Haired Old Man

The Antitoi brothers sell an old man a lava lamp and an apothecary’s mirror in exchange for 18 650mg lozenges of a pharmaceutical no longer available and a waste-bag full of crusty, non-labeled cartridges. The man continuously forms the letter V with his fingers for the brothers, which neither of them understand.


Owner of Acmé

He is an Albertan mogul, Quebec-sympathizer who buys out then U.S.A.-owned Acme for about 30% of its worth. His merchandise is featured in the Antitoi Brother’s store.