Poor Tony Krause

Poor Tony Krause’s Father

“Poppa”. He is Poor Tony’s father, a surgical doctor who comes home from doing surgeries with lines on his face where his surgical mask sits. He smells of Old Spice (a deodorant Poor Tony is allergic to), and during Poor Tony’s seizure on the train, he imagines his father in his surgical gown trying to pull food from Poor Tony’s mouth. His father is buried in the Mount Auburn Cemetery.



He is a drug addict who runs in the same circle as Poor Tony and Bobby C. (See Below), who all get their drugs from Dr. Wo (See Below). However, thanks to Poor Tony’s poor history with Dr. Wo, Dr. Wo sells them Drano laced drugs and Bobby C. dies after ingesting them. After his death, yrstruly blacklists Poor Tony, moves in with his mother, and then checks into a Detox facility. Once at the Detox facility (Ennet House) he is referred to as Emil Minty.


Bobby C.

“C”. He is a heroin addict who enjoys violence. He has spiked, purple hair with a build like a stump and black, unblinking eyes. He is hired by Whitey Sorkin, and he (Bobby C.) and his crew are the ones who de-map Gene Fackelmann. Bobby C. eventually ingests some Drano-laced drugs (given to him by Dr. Wo (See Below) as his method of revenge against Poor Tony) and dies.


Dr. Wo

He is a drug dealer who sells out of his store, Hung Toys. He is the former acquaintance of Bobby C. (See Above) from crewing with Asians on the North Shore. He has a falling out with Poor Tony, and sells Poor Tony’s crew Drano-laced drugs. Coincidentally, Bobby C. is the one who ingests the drugs and dies.


Lady Delphina

She is a cocaine dealer who sells to Poor Tony, Bobby C. (See Above), yrstruly (See Above), and Joelle van Dyne.


Kely Vinoy

She is a drug addict and a prostitute who works for a male Pimp. She claims that Stokely McNair‘s drugs contain a Virus and that they should not be purchased.



She/He is a drug addict who is talking to Kely Vinoy (See Above) about Stokely McNair‘s Virus infested drugs.



He is a prostitute who works for a male Pimp.