The Entertainment’s Victims

Medical Attaché 

He is one-half ethnic Arab, and Canadian by residence, and he is the special ear-nose-throat doctor of Prince Q—. One day, the Medical Attaché receives a cartridge in the mail from Phoenix, Arizona (the letter is labeled Happy Anniversary, although his anniversary with his wife isn’t for another three months), and decides (out of sheer boredom) to pop the cartridge into the cartridge viewer. The cartridge, however, is the much sought after Entertainment, and he is stuck watching it until he dies. James Incandenza (while disguised as a therapist in hopes of getting Hal Incandenza to talk to him) suggests that Avril Incandenza has had a sexual affair with this Medical Attaché.


Idiot Intern

He is an intern researching electrode implants (working under Hank F. Hoyne (See Below)) in the brain to create pleasure who dies by watching the Entertainment.


Hank F. Hoyne

“Henri”. He has been the Head of Data Analysis on the electrode implants for twenty years. He tries to save the Idiot Intern (See Above) from the Entertainment and ends up needing to be fed nourishment through a tube.



He is a film-scholar who lives in Berkeley who watches the Entertainment cartridge with his male companion. The cops are eventually dispatched to the home, one by one to try to save the others, until 17 police, paramedics, and teleputer-technicians are all lost to the Entertainment.



He is one of the A.F.R. (See Rémy Marathe) volunteers who finds the original Entertainment, and then is lost to it.



He is one of the A.F.R. (See Rémy Marathe) volunteers who finds the original Entertainment, and then is lost to it.


Ottowan Paparazzo

He is one of those killed by watching the Entertainment.


Bovarian International-Affairs Editor

He is one of those killed by watching the Entertainment.