Orin Incandenza

Marlon Bain

He is a friend of Orin’s, and is Orin’s doubles partner when they attend E.T.A. He has severe OCD to the point where they have to carry him out to the tournaments because he can’t function with his OCD on his own. He is very sweaty, which may have started after his parents die in a freak accident. He is featured in James Incandenza’s film Death in Scarsdale. Bain now owns a greeting card business that is just bought up, and he lives on the entire third floor of what used to be the Waltham Public Library. He eventually informs Hugh/Helen Steeply of the Incandenza’s relationships with one another, particularly of Avril Incandenza and Orin Incandenza‘s toxic relationship.



He is Orin’s former doubles partner, a strabismic (abnormal alignment of the eyes; the condition of having a squint) heir to the Nickerson Farms Meat Facsmile fortune.


Ross Reat 

He is a friend of Orin’s while Orin attends E.T.A.



Orin calls the women he has sexual relationships with his “Subjects”, one of whom watches a CBS Special on schizophrenia, and another of whom leaves Orin a note before she leaves.


Swiss Hand Model

She is one of Orin’s new Subjects. She has a toddler aged son, a husband. It is eventually revealed that she is Luria Perec.


Bushy Haired, Big Nosed Wheelchair Guy

He has a blanket over her legless lap, and a clipboard upon which he pretends to write Orin’s replies as he asks Orin what he misses. He comes to the hotel room where Orin and the Swiss Hand Model (See Above) are having an affair to ask this.



He is a former friend of Orin’s and a former student at ETA (See Ruth Thode).


Dwight Flechette

He is a former friend of Orin’s and a former student at ETA (See Ruth Thode).