Sparknotes Worthy Plot Summary


The following plot summary for Infinite Jest hopes to serve as a reader’s guide while they trudge their way through the novel. Organized by page numbers, it follows the chronology of the book, including information in endnotes. MAJOR SPOILERS ahead so be sure to pay attention to page numbers so that you can avoid the risk of prematurely achieving information you were not yet meant to!

Year of Glad (pg. 3-17) 

  • “I” (Hal) is at University of Arizona admissions office in front of various deans, with deLint and Charles Tavis.  Going over Hal’s poor grades in his later years of school.
  • Hal is silent, Tavis does all of the talking
  • Finally Hal speaks very eloquently, but the people listening to him freak out.
  • Cuts to a scene of Hal eating some sort of fungus.
  • Cuts back to Hal in the hospital.

Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (pg. 17-27)

  • Ken Erdedy is waiting for a woman to come give him marijuana.
  • She is very late, he is quite addicted and is waiting for her very expectantly.
  • Observes a bug going into and out of a shelving unit.
  • Details the different ways that he tries to stop using marijuana, how he deals with addiction.

 1 April Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad (pg. 27-32)

  • Hal goes to a conversationalist’s office, who is actually his dad.  Have a very disjointed conversation.  

9 May Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (32-33)

  • Hal is sitting in his room with Mario, gets a phonecall from his brother Orin.

Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (33-37)

  • Details a medical Attache of Arab and Canadian birth, who is a physician to the Saudi Minister of Home Entertainment.  Lives a very leisurely and scheduled lifestyle.  Watches an unlabeled cartridge.

Year of Trial Sized Dove Bar (37-38)

  • Wardine is abused by Roy Tony, her mother’s boyfriend.  Roy Tony is a drug dealer, has killed a man.


  • Bruce Green is in love with Mildred Bonk in high school, eventually moves in with her and has a child.  Do a lot of drugs.

Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (39-42)

  • Mario and Hal are talking in their room.  Talking about Avril’s reaction to Himself’s death.

October – Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (42-49)

  • Orin lives in Phoenix, details his life.  Has a cockroach problem.  Deathly afraid of spiders.  Has lots of “subjects” or women that he sleeps with.

Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (49-55)

  • Hal gets high in the underground tunnels of Enfield.  Gets drunk too, his mother knows but allows it because he is successful and she does not want to be overbearing.  
  • Medical attache’s wife is playing tennis.  
  • Mario Incandenza, at age 18, films kids playing tennis.

55 Autumn, Year of Dairy Products from the American Heartland (55-60)

  • Don Gately is stealing to finance his drug addiction.  Accidentally kills someone during a burgulary.  Has gone and goes back to prison.

3 November Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (60-63)

  • Jim Troeltsch is very sick at ETA.
  • Someone is going over an experience/nightmare at ETA.

As of Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (63-65) 

  • History of ETA, Incandenza, Avril, and Tavis.  Goes over Incandenza losing his mind and giving up ETA.

Denver CO, 1 November Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (65-68)

  • Orin is flying in a bird suit over a stadium as a mascot for his footaball team.
  • Drug abuse at ETA is quite widespread.  Pemulis is a drug dealer.

Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (68-78)

  • Kate Gompert is addicted to marijuana and recently tried to kill herself.  In a hospital.  She wasn’t trying to hurt herself, just kill herself.  Wants shock therapy.


  • The attache’s wife gets home and observes her husband watching the cartridge viewer.
  • Gerhardt Schtitt is head coach and AD at ETA.  Mario good friends with Schtitt.  

Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (85-87)

  • Tiny Ewell is an alcoholic going into detox.
  • A lot of people are now watching the cartridge.

30 April Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (87-95)

  • Steeply and Marathe, Steeply is American with BSS and Marathe is with wheelchair assassins.  In Arizona.  Steeply dressed like woman.  Discussing the cartridge that is killing people.  “The Entertainment”
  • Feral hamsters move across the Great Concavity.

Year of Depend Adult Undergarment (95-108)

  • The kids at ETA are complaining about the hard work, drills.  Hal tells them that it is to strengthen them, that they are supposed to turn to each other, or be alone.  They are all competing all the time.
  • Steeply and Marathe discussing what we value and what is entertainment and choice.

3 Nov YDAU (108-121)

  • Kids still complaining.  Various buddies are talking with their groups, sharing different advice, etc.

Mario Incandenza’s First and Only Even Remotely Romantic Experience, Thus Far (121-127)

  • Mario is felt up by Millicent Kent, he is completely oblivious.  Kent had a father who dressed up in women’s clothes.


  • Lyle is a guru who sits in the exercise room and gives advice if he can lick your sweat off.


  • Detailing poor Tony and his gang and their drug habits, and drugs gone bad that ends up killing someone.  

3 Nov YDAU (135-151)

  • Hal called by Orin, Orin asking about separatism in Canada
  • Ennet Drug house
  • Letter about an accident at a work site.
  • An essay by Hal about modern American heroes.
  • A woman’s prosthetic heart is stolen, and she dies on the sidewalk.
  • Talking about the rise and fall of video phones, and how people see each other and themselves.


  • Urine samples are being collected, Pemulis sells clean samples.  Hal is a very good student and rapidly improving, strong tennis player.

Winter, B.S. 1960 – Tucson, AZ (157-169)

  • Incandenza’s father talking to him.  Talks about a mean father, injuring himself, etc.  

4 November YDAU (169-176)

  • Michael Pemulis has found a strong drug “DMZ”  Has a peculiar system for dealing drugs.
  • Detailing the life of students at the tennis academy, secrets, tips, and psychological and physical dealings.  


  • Transcripts of various people at Ennet House.

181 Late October, Year of Depend

  • Madame Psychosis is doing her usual radio show, wearing a veil.  Talks about deformity.  Mario listens very intently to her program.
  • Hal and Mario sometimes eat dinner with their mother.


  • Details Ennet house and other buildings around.


6 Nov Year of Depend


  • Kids are weight lifting at ETA
  • Goes over substance addiction, blame, all aspects and stages of it.
  • Tiny Ewell asks all of the residents about their tattoos.  
  • Pemulis and others are going over the new DMZ drug.
  • Goes over the tennis tournaments, kids are always kept busy.

219 7 Nov Year of Depend

  • Joelle van Dyne is at a party.  Addicted to cocaine, just wants to get a fix.  Used to know Orin.


  • Going over the geography of Enfield Tennis Academy, waste displacement.

242 5 Nov Year of Depend

  • Orin calls Hal, talking about luck and superstition.  Orin talks about people in wheelchairs following him.  Asks about Himself and the Mom’s relationship.  Also Himself’s suicide, Hal’s grieving.  Hal’s psychiatrist, tiny hands.

258 6 Nov Year of Depend

  • Talking about the ranking of tennis players and Port Washington’s tennis team.  Pemulis is sick before his match, Schacht is helping him out.  


  • Geoffrey day is a recovering addict, always want to think about everything and make everything complicated.  AA is all about cliche, and he can’t handle it.  Very annoying, tests Gately’s patience.  


  • The team comes back from a big tennis tournament win.


  • Tavis is appointed Headmaster 31 December, Y.D.P.A.H
  • Orin goes to BU/decides to play football instead of tennis
  • Meets Joelle Van Dyne, a cheerleader at BU, super attractive, Orin plays football in order to get close to her
  • Orin tries out for team, sucks
  • Defensive tackle breaks team’s kicker’s leg, Orin gets the ball and kicks it back
  • Freshman fall, Orin moves in with Joelle
  • Orin spends Thanksgiving with Joelle at his parents house
  • Orin spends Xmas with Joelle at her parents house
  • Freshmen New Year’s, last p.m before subsidization, Orin see Joelle do cocaine for the first time
  • Orin introduces Joelle to Himself’s work
  • Takes her to Toronto to watch filming of “Blood Sister”, they spend time with Himself
  • Himself spends more time with Joelle, begins filming her while Orin is in hospital
  • Joelle starts filming Orin’s punts – Delaware debacle



  • Tony Krause has seizure on T
  • Tony Krause previously stole heart from heart transplant woman on the street
  • Stokely Dark Star died in hospice care
  • Bridget Tenderhole was shipped to Brockton by her pimp
  • Poor Tony is withdrawing from heroin, living in dumpster
  • Relocates to bathroom at Armenian Foundation Library
  • Becomes addicted to alcohol, cough syrup, has alcohol withdrawals as well
  • PT leaves library bathroom to find Antitoi brothers
  • PT has seizure on the Grey Line



  • Ted Schacht is taking Mary Esther Thode’s class for the third time
  • Ted is answering midterm exam in class
  • Interrupted by radio broadcast from Jim Troeltsch
  • Hal is sitting on his bed, soaking his ankle, Orin calls – Interdependence Day Eve
  • Orin talks dedication strategy about pretending to be married
  • Orin asks Hal about “samizdat” and Himself
  • Orin discusses profiler, Helen Steeply
  • Discuss Helen asking Orin about Quebec Separatists, Orin wants helps from Hal
  • Pemulis enters room to get Hal
  • Hal continues to talk before finally hanging up


  • 1st birth of Mario
  • Avril goes into unexpected labor on the staircase, CT helps
  • Mario is born premature, slow and deformed
  • Mario travels with Himself, carries his film stuff around with him
  • Himself leaves Mario special film camera for Mario to wear on his head
  • Mario helps Trainer Barry Loach get his job at ETA
  • In Y.D.P.A.H, Union of the Hideously And Improbably Deformed approach Mario
  • Hal tells them to scram



  • Marathe and Steeply speaking, in Tucson
  • Discussing ‘the Entertainment’ and freedom-from vs. freedom-to
  • Steeply believes Marathe believes US citizens are children


8 November – Y.D.A.U

  • Eschaton being played at ETA
  • Otis P Lord is the game master, wears the beanie
  • Begins to snow during the game, Penn says it’ll effect the game, Pemulis says otherwise
  • Ingersoll hits Kittenplan during a cease fire and meeting of the nations
  • Lord changes from white to red beanie – UTTER GLOBAL CRISIS
  • Kittenplan fires back
  • All players start firing at Ingersoll
  • Penn and McKenna start hitting Kittenplan
  • Tackling and fist fighting ensues
  • Green Ford watches the game being played and ensuing chaos
  • General Secretary of REDCHI runs into Otis
  • Otis and cart go toppling, Otis trips over LaMont Chu and goes head first into monitor screen

8 Nov. Year of Depend pg 343

Interdependence Day

  • Narrator talking about Boston AA groups
  • Go to other meetings to speak
  • Don Gately in “White Flag of Enfield MA”, meets in the Provident Nursing home
  • Identify vs Compare, identify to empathize
  • Going over effects of alcohol addiction on someone’s life
  • Cliff’s edge as a substance user-either kill yourself or ask for help
  • Discovery that AA actually works
  • Need to be courageous and abandon all thought and give yourself over to cliches and recovery
  • The anti-irony of AA stories
  • Conveying one’s own experience to others important to recovery
  • Other AA’s are only supportive, give out phone numbers, etc
  • “Crocodiles” are old, sober AA’s with lots of knowledge and wisdom.  Good sponsors.  Very serious about AA and commitment and participation
  • One slip back into drinking is disastrous
  • Boston AA is a “benign anarchy” 356
  • No regulations, etc, but people just follow rules anyway
  • Truths and cliches are only trite until they begin to work
  • Joelle V. , Gately, at AA.  
  • Listen to multiple speakers about their various addiction problems
  • NNYC Statue of Liberty holds a product which is changed yearly
  • Listen to a guy who is trying to be funny, doesn’t work
  • Listen to a guy who tells a real story, ends up being funny
  • All sorts of cliches that Gately finds more and more truthful and relevant
  • Another woman goes up and tells her story, about her paralyzed/retarded/catatonic foster sister who is abused by her foster father.  Uses this as an excuse for her addiction, choices.

30 April/1 May 375

Year of Depend Adult Undergarment

  • Steeply and Marathe still up on the shelf above the Sonora Desert
  • Marathe wondering about what Steeply thinks of his betrayal
  • Critics bash James Incandenza for bad plots in his films, he goes to Lyle
  • Invents Found Drama, basically in which people talk about something that doesn’t exist.
  • Another woman goes up and tells about her cocaine addiction during her pregnancy, makes no excuses
  • Lyle and James in the weight room, talking about his poor marriage 379

8 November, YDAU

  • All students together on Interdependence Day to watch a film
  • Mario Incandenza’s film recounting of the creation of ONAN
  • Johnny Gentle, very clean, former actor, etc becomes president, Clean U.S. Party
  • Promises to get rid of waste, take care of America first
  • Cabinet is made up of President of Mexico and Canadian Prime Minister
  • Lyle recounting a student, Marlon, who was always sweating 386
  • Kids come down to the weight room all the time “in secret”
  • Lamont Chu talks about how he wants to be successful and win because he has a burning desire to be famous.
  • Lyle says that famous people don’t want to be famous, they just do not not want to be famous.  Sort of.
  • Fame not the exit from the cage, must be aware of the cage
  • Female student comes in, hears mosquito whines
  • Kent Blott afraid of pornography
  • Anton Doucette is self conscious about his appearance, mole
  • Lyle directs him to Mario
  • Mario shows clips of real and fake newspaper headlines
  • Detailing the creation of ONAN, Quebec separatists
  • Detailing pollution, waste
  • Detailing the plan to cut off northeast U.S., blow waste north with large fans
  • Lyle talking to Stice, who goes to bed and wakes up with the bed in a different position
  • “Do not underestimate objects”, he says
  • Hal Incandenza 395
  • Detailing two different James O films, “The Medusa v. The Odalisque” about a theater turning to stone, etc.
  • “The Joke” in which people watch themselves go into the theatre and watch themselves writing and watching
  • Zenith of “Found Drama”, self consciously dumb stasis
  • More headlines, 399
  • More stories on pollution, accidents, President Gentle declares northeast USA a disaster
  • Talk about creation of the Great Concavity, and how gentle wants to give desecrated northeast to Canada
  • Talks about Gentle going increasingly insane
  • Eric Clipperton at ETA 407
  • Threatened to kill himself if he ever lost
  • Not actually a real ranked player, people who went against him just gave up, left the tournament, did not have damage to their rankings
  • Clipperton never loses
  • Hal 410
  • Viney and Veal’s advertising put strange ads on the television
  • Ads that really impacted viewers
  • NoCoat lingua scrapers
  • The fall of the big tv channels
  • Creation of InterLace entertainment
  • People choosing what to watch
  • No more ads

YDAU – 30 April/1 May

  • Marathe and Steeply (how they got up and how they’ll get down from shelf)
  • Unspecified Services always dresses up their agents as opposites of what they are
  • Steeply tells Marathe that U.S fights with an ‘end’ and he doesn’t see an end to what the Wheelchair Assassins are doing
  • American desires/values – difference between US and Marathe/Canadians
  • Pea soup analogy


  • Clipperton is accidentally ranked as #1
  • Meets with Mario and James O., kills himself in front of them, shoots self in head
  • Mario has to clean up the room


  • Gately sunlights as janitor at Shattuck Shelter for Homeless Males
  • Cleaning up shit
  • Shuts off his head – 435


  • Story of the kid from Fresno, CA
  • Wins Pacific Coast Hardcourt Boys 18’s and kills himself drinking NesQuik with cyanide
  • Whole family ends up dying trying to save each other
  • ETA has a counselor named Dolores Rusk who is essentially useless
  • Still Interdependence Day, watching Mario’s film
  • In the film, Gentle and secretaries are discussing how to pay for Reconfiguration
  • Gentle gets idea from watching a post-collegiate bowl – naming rights



  • Gately confesses he has no real understanding of a Higher Power
  • Follows routine of praying Please and Thank You but doesn’t believe
  • Afraid of something he can’t feel – Nothingness
  • Gately talks to a biker named Robert F/Bob Death who congratulates him for the truth
  • Bob Death tells him the “what’s water?” joke
  • Gately beings having memories of his mother and his childhood drinking her drinks after she passed out


Very Late October YDAU

  • Hal has recurring dream about losing his teeth
  • Mario has been sleeping at HmH listening to 60 Minutes +/-
  • Madame P has taken a leave of absence from her show – radio has said nothing about it
  • Mario learns she uses a screen when she’s on air, he’s agitated by that


9 November YDAU

  • Dawn drills after Interdependence Day
  • Schtitt gives speech about two worlds, “be here in total” – 461


  • Gately driving Pat Montesian’s Ventura with suspended license to run errands
  • Pat is a former alcoholic now married to a very wealthy man
  • Gately cooking for week day dinners
  • Gately’s responsibilities and chores around Ennett House


Pre-Dawn 1 May YDAU

  • Steeply and Marathe again, Steeply discussing Canadian experimental surgery
  • Steeply questions Marathe about surgery that access P-terminals
  • Surgery was performed on animals then human subjects heard about it and volunteered themselves for it
  • US and Canadian Governments shut down the programs and the labs
  • Steeply compares procedure to the Entertainment


  • Gately is driving around in the Ventura, driving through parts of the city
  • Drives by Antitois Entertainment
  • Lucien and Bertraund are murdered by Wheelchair Assassins who come into shop looking for the Entertainment


Pre-Dawn 1 May YDAU

  • Steeply asks Marathe if he’s ever thought of viewing the Entertainment
  • The two discuss the Entertainment master, the filmmaker


Winter B.S 1963

Sepulveda CA

  • James O helps his father fix a squeaking bed frame
  • Incredibly dusty under the bed, James’s father begins coughing then passes out, throws up and his wig falls off
  • Mother vacuums mess while James O leaves (afraid of vacuum sound)
  • James jumps on his bed and knocks over a lamp that falls and cuts the doorknob off closet door

562 Wednesday 11 Nov YDAU

  • Gately is talking with his residents, including Joelle.  Helping residents deal with life in Ennet house, including defending themselves from others and dealing with the idea of God.


  • Orin is with a Swiss hand-model.


  • Idris Arslanian, a student at ETA, is wearing a blindfold to “see” if he can heighten his other senses on the tennis court.  He is talking with Ted Schacht and Michael Pemulis.  Pemulis engages him in conversation about a kid who is having a very hard time grasping an idea in a class, and will not be able to pass if he cannot understand the idea.  The idea of treating cancer cells with cancer, as well as the fusion in the Concavity that alternately creates lush and desolate areas: i.e. huge infants, insects, hamsters, foilage.


  • Orin has not seen people in wheelchairs since Steeply arrived.  


  • Lenz and Green are walking back, Lenz talking about his extremely obese mother who won a lawsuit.  Green talking about his father, who used to do aerobics but his legs became different lengths.  Went into novelty jokes business, gave his wife a heart attack with snakes in a can.  Green goes off to live with his aunt, Green’s father kills some people with fake grenade cigars.  Green goes the wrong way, loses Lenz.  Hears Hawaiian music and follows it, even though he hates Hawaiian music from a time in college with Mildred Bonk.  Observes Lenz killing a dog.  Lenz is chased away by the owners of the dog, who are Canadian.


  • Mario’s 19th birthday is Wednesday 25 Nov.  Mario cannot feel pain, hurts himself without knowing it.  Mario goes for a walk, walks past Ennet House, where they have always treated him well and do not make a big deal out of his deformity.  Someone from Ennet house helps him with his police lock, then Mario goes home.


  • Gately’s duties are widespread, boring, and take a long time.  Has many residents in bad shape, has to check on all of them.  Must deal with various problems that residents create, prevent problems, etc.  


  • Orin is still with the Subject, the Swedish hand model.  Is very good to his women.  Derives none of his own pleasure, just tries to make his Subject feel as pleasurable as possible.  Knock on the door, a man in a wheelchair.  Asks him a survey, about what he misses from his earlier life.  Orin says he misses television, like commercials.  Says how the choice of what to watch takes away from the watching sometimes.


  • Gately is dealing with more Ennet house residents.  Lets Green in very late, past curfew.  Has never been late before, but they are friends.  Gately discharges a newer resident that misses curfew.  Gately must supervise the moving of all vehicles at midnight from one side of the road to the other, as is the law.  Very annoying to do.  Grabs all of the residents to go outside, Lenz shows up.  Lenz is in a bad way.  Green goes outside at the sound of trouble, sees Lenz getting chased around a car by Canadians.  3 Canadians have chased him, one has a gun.  All of the residents come to look at what is going on.  Lenz hides behind Gately, who says that he must do his job and not let harm come to his residents.  2 of the unarmed Canadians come at him, and Gately dispatches them.  Gately is shot in the shoulder by the armed Canadian but continues to fight.  The 3 Canadians are pretty much beaten to death by Gately and the other residents.  The police are not informed and Gately goes inside with the other residents, leaving the carnage outside.  Joel van Dyne and Green help him.


  • Details Interlace Entertainment’s new online resources, working from home, viewing whatever you would like whenever you would like, etc.  Now people gather around to watch things all together, because entertainment is personalized these days.  Watch the duck pond get drained and scrubbed every winter.  People from all over watch the pond, including the late Incandenza, and Rodney Tine, who is meeting with Steeply.  Homeless people, and others are on a hill near the duck pond.  The engineer of the Madame Psychosis show is on the hill as well.  Gets kidnapped by men in wheelchairs.  

11 Nov YDAU

  • Detailing ETA, where the kids are having dinner.  All sit at various tables according to skill, cliques, etc.  Eat very much very fast.  Has has recently played a very close match against Ortho Stice, people are looking for his reaction.  Stice is talking about his parents who are always either pissed at each other or very passionate for each other.  Troeltsch insists that the milk that they drink is powdered, everyone makes fun of him for it.  Talking about the sexual atmosphere, which does not really exist, because the players need to focus on tennis.  Everyone comments on how Hal seems to be breaking down.

1 May YDAU

  • Steeply and Marathe are talking, Steeply most of the time.  Detailing how his own father became completely and totally obsessed with the television program “M*A*S*H”.  Could not separate reality from it, could not miss a single show.  Lived his entire life around the show.  Sent letters to fictional characters, not actors.  Created theories about the show that had mirrors in real life.  Describes the expression of someone viewing something that entertaining as “misplaced” or “lost”.

11 November YDAU

  • Kate Gompert and Day conversing
  • Day tells story about a shapeless black mass that haunts him
  • Discussing hell and suicide

11 November YDAU

  • Steeply watching match between Stice and Hal
  • Steeply wants to speak with Hal but deLint says Orin isn’t a real story, John Wayne is

Steeply Letter to Bain

  • Asking to answer questions
  • Bain responds

Endnote 269

  • Orin is a terrible liar
  • Story of leaving Mario and Hal alone
  • Killing S. Johnson, Avril’s dog
  • Bain discusses abuse, calls Avril creepy, is she responsible for the way her children are?


  • Sub-14 Eschatonites in tunnels, Tunnel Club, down there to clean for punishment but actually enjoy it
  • Find old fridge with rotting/decaying food inside


  • Poutrincourt and Steeply discuss the psyche of a young tennis player
  • Says Hal has the greater tennis brain
  • deLint and Poutrincourt begin analyzing other players games – Hal has the best complete game

14 November YDAU

  • Matty Pemulis sits in a restaurant on his 23 birthday
  • He is a prostitute
  • Sees Poor Tony but doesn’t recognize him
  • Reveals that Matty was sexually abused by his father

11 November YDAU

  • Hal watching JOI’s old film – Wave Bye Bye to the Bureaucrat

14 November YDAU

  • Ruth van Clene and Kate Gompert are heading to a meeting outside Ennet House
  • Poor Tony Krause is following them

  • Jim Troeltsch is settling in to commentate on pro-wrestling

  • Pemulis is moving a ceiling panel somewhere in ETA – getting drugs?

  • Lyle is meditating in the gym atop towel dispenser

  • Schtitt and Mario are riding downhill in Schtitt’s BMW

  • Avril get’s Steeply’s magazine address, on the phone about to call

  • Hal is watching Blood Sister: One Tough Nun
  • Bridget boone and Fran Unwin join him
  • Bridgette Longley and Jennie Bash enter as well

  • Joelle van Dyne is identifying with other people in her Meeting
  • Thinks of showing her face to Gately

  • Ruth and Kate are mugged by Poor Tony – steals their purses
  • Kate gets whipped into light post
  • Old man yelling how he saw it all and is a witness

14 November YDAU

  • Lenz, high on cocaine, trailing Chinese women
  • He’s dressed in a ridiculou outfit/disguise
  • Was kicked out of Ennet House
  • ????

  • AFR are searching for master copy of the Entertainment in the Antitois shop

14 November YDAU

  • Poor Tony is running, being chased by Ruth

  • AFR viewing cartridges in Antitois shop
  • Revealed that AFR wants to secure master copy of the Entertainment and disseminate it – Ottawa will require Quebec to secede
  • Southwest ops current infiltration of athletic relative of Entertainment auteur – Orin

  • Fortier doesn’t wear prostheses in the US because he enjoys the condescension

  • Joelle is worried about her teeth – appearance
  • She dreams about Gately as a dentist tending to her teeth
  • In the dream all her teeth are canine and stained red, she has rows and rows of teeth in her mouth

  • AFR and Fortier think they secured the real Entertainment
  • Desjardins and Joubet are lost to the Entertainment
  • Fortier plans to have Marathe watch the Entertainment – endnote 302
  • Found copy was a read-only copy of the cartridge, not master
  • Employee at ETA was recruited by AFR, along with Mll. Luria P in the desert (Swiss hand model?), and sources who knew Joelle’s last place of work and that she wears a veil
  • AFR search rehab facilities for Joelle

  • Lenz steals the bags from the Chinese women and runs off through alley

  • Marathe is in Ennet House, wearing a veil and looking for Joelle
  • Man kneels in front of him – says everyone are metal people
  • Marathe gets called in for treatment by Pat

  • Joelle wakes up from nightmare and begins cleaning room
  • Getting high and cleaning started while she was with Orin
  • Orin introduced Joelle to JOI’s films
    • Orin felt disliked/unacknowledged by JOI
      • Orin called Avril “center and pulse of the family”
    • JOI never felt anything or opened up to anyone but Avril (described as emotional sun)
  • Joelle’s dad was very attached to Joelle
  • Orin wanted Joelle to mediate between he and Himself
    • Bring them closer in a three way bond of sorts
  • JOI couldn’t communicate to Hal or Orin without Avril
    • Orin spoke too much
    • Hal didn’t speak enough, too awkward
    • Mario, comfortable silence, shared genuine interests
  • Orin cried after intro meeting at Legal Seafood between JOI and Joelle because he could never tell how JOI felt about him or his life
  • Joelle recalls Thanksgiving with Incandenza’s
    • No one spoke about sports of any kind
    • She felt uneasy around Avril
    • Didn’t like Hal

  • Marathe speaking to Pat about getting into the facility
  • Sees cartridges in her office cabinet with smiley faces on them

  • Joelle did not think the Incadenza’s were open with eachother – overt eccentricity was not the same as opennness
  • Joelle is nervous Kate will find her cleaning

  • Marathe offered bed to sleep in for night at Ennet – he is conflicted
  • He is unsure whether to sleep at Ennet OR call AFR to inform about cartidges OR call Steeply about them
  • Marathe internally confesse he’s lost the stomach to do his work

11 November YDAU

  • Mario is in Schtitt’s office, recording Gretchen Holt and Jolene Criess match
  • Schtitt is sleeping – blasting European opera
  • Mario leaves and starts filming other students around ETA
  • LaMont Chu and Mario interact
    • LaMont asks Mario about Hal, but Mario isn’t picking up on what he asking/what he is saying for the film
    • Not really listening to each other, just conversing with each other
  • Mario sees Avril is still in her office so he goes to see her
    • Moments of talking at each other but not really conversing between them
    • Mario is trying to find out how to tell if someone is sad
    • Avril discusses the inability to feel emotion as a result of tragic life events, being emotionally frozen
    • Avril thinks Mario is speaking about either Hal or Mario
  • Mario goes back to room shared with Hal to sleep
  • Hal returns
    • Tells Mario about his teeth dream
    • They talk about Orin, remembering things from childhood
    • Hal tells Mario about Pemulis and the urine testing
  • Hal discusses categories/types of liars that he has seen or interacted with

  • Marathe and Kate are drinking in a bar
    • Marathe is there to recruit people to watch The Entertainment
    • Kate goes to bar after getting knocked out during mugging from Poor Tony
  • Marathe tells Kate the story of saving a woman in the Swiss Provincial Autoroute that later ended up being his wife
    • Saving her pulled him out of his depression

  • Mario and Hal talk about Pemulis getting them 30 days for urine tests
    • Hal is very worried about getting caught
    • More worried about the Moms finding out he was hiding things from her
  • Hal has to stay clean for 30 days


  • Pemulis and Hal, talking about getting Hal to try DMZ
    • Hal talks about being addicted to weed
    • Pemulis says you can only quit if you just move on to something else

17 November YDAU

  • Johnette working dream duty in Gately’s absence
  • ETA kid comes into Ennet looking for help, wants to attend meetings – Hal

ENDNOTE – 17 November YDAU

  • PostalWeight is crying in the lockerroom with Keith Free is looking at himself in the mirror
    • Pemulis enters lockerroom – talks to PostalWeight
  • Pemulis got 30 days for the urine test because of what he saw happened between Avril and John Wayne – blackmailing her
  • Pemulis believes only math is true
  • Commotion outside the lockerroom
    • John Wayne is on the air and ranting/going crazy

  • R. Tine Jr. – Chief of Unspecified Services interrogating Molly Notkins – friends with Joelle
    • Molly explains the plot of the Infinite Jest movies
    • Joelle’s mother killed herself on Thanksgiving of YTMP
  • JOI left Joelle things in his will
    • Joelle did not attend JOI’s funeral or reading of his will
  • Joelle never saw the Entertainment/Infinite Jest
    • JOI destroyed previous versions and previous attempts that featured other actors
  • Joelle agreed to be in JOI’s final Infinite Jest if he stopped drinking
    • JOI stopped for 3 months up until his suicide
    • IJ was Joelle’s first film done after her disfigurement – facial disfigurement which happened the day her mother killed herself
  • Joelle’s father treated her like a child the older she got
    • Thanksgiving Day – Joelle asked her father why he babied her so intensely
      • He had been purely in love with his daughter – when she hit puberty he had to mentally age her to child age in order to not be sexually attracted to her
      • When she brought home Orin, moved stuffed animals off her bed, slept with Orin, Joelle’s dad lost it
    • Joelle’s mother admits she had been sexually abused by her own father then confesses that she had married a man just like her own father
    • Mother runs downstairs to lab to throw acid on father’s face, father ducks, Orin ducks and the acid hits Joelle
      • Mother subsequently sticks her extremities into garbage disposal



  • Pemulis is in Dean of Academic Affairs office with deLint
    • John Wayne got into Pemulis’ Tenuates
    • deLint knows that they were Pemulis’
    • Offers Pemulis ultimatum but overall, Pemulis is expelled from ETA

  • Hal drives from ETA to Quabbin Recovery Systems for a NA meeting
  • At the meeting, the men are holding teddy bears, talking about their Inner Infant
    • Kevin Bain, older brother of Marlon Bain, Orin’s old doubles partner
  • Hal gets chosen to help Kevin Bain express the needs of his Inner Infant but Hal awkwardly gets out of it
  • Bain chooses yogurt guy who refuses to help Bain express the needs of his Inner Infant

  • Gately in the hospital
    • Ewell comes to visit him, tells him the story of him as a third grader, in a gang, stealing money from neighbors under the ruse of being a donation for youth hockey, then embezzling money from his gang; Ewell steals money from his parents to give to his gang
    • Ewell was reminded of this the night of Don’s fight with the Nucks and Lenz
  • Calvin Thrust comes to visit, talks about Ennet House
    • Lenz took off (??)
    • Residents gave depositions of what happened that night during the fight
      • One of the Nucks died

  • Gately dreams of a wraith – tells him he is the voice inside his head, all wraiths are voices in people’s heads
    • They talk about figurants in Cheers – figurants in life, human scenery
    • Wraith says he was a filmmakers when he was animated
      • He saw his youngest son becoming a figurant
      • Wraith = JOI, youngest son = Hal
      • JOI created the Entertainment for Hal’s sake to pull him out and make him feel something
  • Gately thinks about his mom and the MP
    • Gately never did anything to stop the beatings, even when he was much stronger than MP
    • MP pulled wings/legs off flies – thinking they suffered and warned other flies about the suffering
  • Gately keeps seeing a figure outside the door of his room
    • Figure is real, Crocodiles confirm

19 November YDAU

  • Marathe/AFR can’t find Joelle in the rehab facilities
    • Plan B – to kidnap the family of the auteur – Incandenzas
  • Plan to intercept Quebecios tennis players heading to ETA by using mirrors in the Great Concavity
    • AFR will pretend to be the tennis players
      • Marathe has cover story for being wheelchair bound and having beards

  • Gately has a sex dream about Joelle, she is completely nude, but when she removed her veil, she is Winston Churchill
  • Gately remembers Mrs. Waite – his old, weird neighbor
    • Children thought she was a witch, Mrs. G told him to never go near her
    • Gately used to visit her – didn’t like her but didn’t not like her
    • Mrs. Waite made Gately a cake for his birthday/joint birthday celebration with all the neighborhood kids
      • The cake doesn’t get eaten and is thrown out by the Mom of the party
      • Mrs. Waite hangs herself – maybe nothing to do with cake, unsure
  • Gately dreams of Joelle as Mrs. Waite but also as Death
    • Sitting in Mrs. Waite’s kitchen, Joelle is saying lines from Infinite Jest about mothers/females/Death